New EV6 Technology

New Kia Electric Car at Napleton's Kia of Elmhurst

    The Kia EV6 is the latest electric vehicle (EV) for the Kia brand, but one that starts as a clean slate. It's an exciting, daring look at what EVs can be, but the EV6 is also a chance at a rebirth for this groundbreaking South Korean automaker. And as good as it looks from the outside, it's clear that its beauty goes deeper than that! Exciting buyers in Elmhurst, Villa Park, York Center, Bensenville, Addison, and the Chicagoland area, the EV6 comes with your choice of batteries. The EV6 batteries range from a 58.0-kWh battery with an EPA range of 232 miles to a 77.4kWh high-density lithium-ion battery for an EPA-estimated range of 310 miles. Independent tests have even seen this combination achieving ranges of 339 miles on a single charge.

    The EV6 is now available for delivery at Napleton's Kia of Elmhurst. The first Kia electric car to use the new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), it is available with either e-RWD or e-AWD powertrains. If you're interested in a FREE test-drive of the Kia EV6, simply submit the form below to get more Kia info and schedule your FREE test-drive.

New Kia EV6 for SaleNew Kia EV

Kia EV6 Fast 800V Electric Vehicle Charging

    The new Kia EV6 is loaded with the latest technology to make your EV experience electrifying. The EV6 includes the world's first 800-volt multi-charging architecture. This advanced system provides speedy DC charging with the ability to charge up to 80-percent in just 18 minutes! That's time enough to head into your local gas station/sandwich emporium to buy a sub and an iced latte! Napleton's Kia of Elmhurst also offers Kia EV6 incentives, so don't miss out on all the savings!

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The New Electric Car from Kia: The EV6

This new electric car not only looks great, but performs great too! Be sure to check out some photos before coming into Napleton's Kia of Elmhurst

Elmhurst Kia Dealership EV6 FAQs

   Choosing the right Kia EV6 for you can be a little tricky with several different trims, including the EV6 Light (RWD), Wind (RWD), Wind (AWD), GT-Line (RWD), and GT-Line (e-AWD). Luckily, Napleton's Kia Dealership in Elmhurst has gladly been serving Addison, Berwyn, Carol Stream, Chicago, Glendale Heights, Lombard Kia customers, and more! We pride ourselves on being a reliable Kia Dealer. If you have anymore Kia or EV6 questions, simply submit the form above or Contact Us and one of our specialists will help you. 
EV6 from Kia Features

What is the Kia EV6? Is the EV6 a SUV?

    Think of the EV6 as a Hatchback on the largish size, rather than an SUV. It's even about as large as the Kia Telluride, but it rides lower, giving it a longer appearance. There are plenty of other reasons to choose the new EV6 at Kia of Elmhurst. One is style. Sharp looks and sleek lines hint at the future of Kia EV design. 
    This new Kia is available in several trim levels. The entry-level model is the rear-drive EV6 "Light." Next up is the rear-drive EV6 "Wind." The EV6 "Wind e-AWD" follows with all-weather traction via Kia's electric All-Wheel Drive system. The EV6 "Wind e-AWD with the Technology Package" also includes AWD but is loaded with additional entertainment, safety and driving technology. Finally, there's the EV6 "GT-line, for those seeking a sportier version.

Kia has Four Electric Powertrains to Power the New EV6 For Sale:

  • A 167 horsepower electric motor-generator powers the EV6 "Light" with RWD. Fueled by a 58 kWh battery, it has an EPA mileage range of 232 miles.
  • A second electric motor-generator powers the EV6 "Wind" and GT-Line RWD models. This motor gets energy from a 77.4 kWh battery. It makes 225 horsepower and has an EPA mileage range of 310 miles.
  • Two electric motor-generators power the EV6 "Wind" and "GT-Line e-AWD" vehicles. Energized by a 77.4 kWh battery, this powertrain delivers 320 horsepower, with an EPA mileage range of 274 miles.
  • The extremely fast EV6 GT e-AWD model gets power from two electric motor-generators. Their energy is delivered by a 77.4 kWh battery which helps the motors make an incredible 576 horsepower. The EV6 GT e-AWD has an EPA range of 200 miles.
Kia EV Interior Design

Kia Electric Car Interior

    The EV6 isn't just about speed. The interior of this electric car is one of the most spacious on the road today. It rides on a skateboard-style platform with no driveshaft or exhaust system. The wheelbase is as long as the Kia Telluride and passenger space is very generous. The EV6 also has great cargo capacity, thanks to the great design. There is 28-cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat. Fold that forward and the space grows to 54-cubic feet. Built as a Kia EV from the ground up, the EV6 is a full-on electric vehicle. Unlike other manufacturers, Kia did not start with a gas-powered vehicle that had the engine removed and an electric motor put in its place. Instead, Kia designed the EV6 to be as efficient and aerodynamic as possible.

EV6 Interior cargo space

More about the new EV6

    The new Kia EV6 joins other Kia models, including the Kia Soul, Seltos, Telluride, Stinger, Sportage and more, to make up the brand's comprehensive vehicle lineup. But don't think the EV6 is a flash in the pan. There are more Kia electric cars on the way, so continue to watch this space for the latest Kia EV news! If you're looking to test the power of the EV6, don't forget to submit the form above and schedule your FREE EV6 test-drive at Napleton's Kia Dealer of Elmhurst. 
EV6 exterior designNew Kia EV6 at Napleton's of Urbana

Kia EV6 On Sale at Napleton's Kia of Elmhurst

    There are so many highlights to tell you about Kia's new electric car technology. The new Kia EV6 is just the beginning for this new Kia lineup of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and full-on electric cars. If you're looking to save money on rising gas prices, lower your carbon footprint, help the environment, or just drive the stylish new EV6, then Napleton's Kia of Elmhurst is the Kia dealership for you. Find out more about this exciting new EV by contacting the Kia specialists at Kia of Elmhurst and be sure to schedule your FREE EV6 test-drive.

Elmhurst Kia EV6 FAQs

  • What is the range of the EV6?
   Gas prices are no joke, so an electric car can help save a lot of cash. Thanks to the 58.0 kWh battery, the new EV6 from Kia is capable of traveling up to 232 miles on a single charge while also offering performance, comfort, and plenty of great features. If you're interested in learning more about the new EV6 and it's driving capabilities, be sure to Contact Us and a Napleton's Kia specialist will help you. 

  • How long does it take to charge the Kia EV6?
   This EV for sale from Kia is able to charge up to 80% of the battery's capacity in just 18 minutes. Along with some amazing range capability, the Kia EV6 can charge most of its battery quickly. With quick charging capabilities and a growing number of EV chargers being built, this new Kia for sale is a great investment for the future. You can take the new EV6 for a FREE test drive, just submit the form above or Speak with a Specialist to get started. 

  • Where can I charge the Kia EV6?
   The new EV6 from Kia is an electric car that can be charged at a large number of EV and hybrid networks. Thanks to the charging port compatibility feature designed into the new EV6, this Kia is capable of conforming to the SAE J1772 and Combined Charging System (CSS) standards. This versatile design allows for some really great charging capabilities, along with the AC and DC Fast Charge feature. Send us a message to get started and learn more about the new EV6 today. 

  • What is the cargo capacity of the Kia EV6 GT?
   Specifically, the Kia EV6 features 103 cubic feet of interior volume. 24.4/50.2 cubic feet in the new EV6 are designed for storage. With the rear seats fixed, the EV6 offers 24.4 cubic feet of cargo room, while offering 50.2 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down. Along with the most obvious cargo space, the new EV6 also features some innovative changes thanks to the EV design. For example, instead of a combustion engine under the hood the EV6 has more storage space. Be sure to Contact a Kia Specialist to learn more about the new EV6 for sale in Elmhurst. 

  • Can a Kia EV6 charge at a Tesla charger?
   Tesla charging stations, like the Tesla Supercharger, may not be compatible with all the EVs and Hybrid vehicles available today. However, thanks to the versatile design of the Kia EV6, this new electric car is capable of charging at a Tesla Supercharger. Although, you may need an app and account to access the Tesla Supercharger, the EV6 can still charge at these stations. If you have any charging questions, be sure give us a call or submit the form above for more information. 

  • Is the Kia EV6 a SUV?
   The Kia EV6 will have you wondering what the definition of an SUV really is. With a sleek design, comfortable seating, and plenty of cargo space the EV6 has a lot of SUV characteristics. But, this new EV in Elmhurst is actually considered a compact crossover SUV. Thanks to several EV design features, this new Kia doesn't need to be a big but can still offer plenty of space. Schedule a FREE EV6 test drive at Napleton's Kia Dealership of Elmhurst and see for yourself the surprising amount of space this compact crossover SUV offers.

  • Does the Kia EV6 have all-wheel drive?
   The Kia EV6 comes in several different trims, the EV6 Light, two different Wind trims, along with two different GT-Line trims. The EV6 Light trim is rear-wheel drive (RWD), along with a Wind RWD and GT-Line RWD trim. Thanks to Kia offering so many trims and so many different options, there's still an EV6 Wind trim that features e-AWD and another GT-Line trim featuring e-AWD. So, whether you want RWD or need AWD for slippery conditions, the EV6 has the traction you need. Be sure to schedule a FREE EV6 test drive and experience the handling for yourself. 

  • Can the EV6 tow?
   The new EV6 from Kia is more capable than the average EV for sale thanks to some amazing performance, but also some impressive towing power. Along with all the great features already mentioned, the new EV6 available at Napleton's Elmhurst Kia Dealership is able to tow up to 2,300lbs. If you're interested in learning what else the new electric car from Kia can do, be sure to Contact Us and a Kia specialist will help you.

  • Is the Kia EV6 self-driving?
   There are levels to autonomous driving, with self-driving being considered level 3. Unfortunately, the Kia EV6 doesn't offer a level 3 self-driving features, but it does offer some intelligent level 2 features. Autonomous level 2 features like lane changing, parking, and emergency braking are some great examples of intelligent and autonomous features offered by the EV6. If you'd like to test out some of the EV6 technology and autonomous features, simply come into Napleton's Kia of Elmhurst dealership for your FREE test drive

  • Is the EV6 available?
   Considering the great design and high-tech features of the EV6, a lot of shopper are still wondering if this Kia vehicle is available. Well, the wait is over. This new EV from Kia is definitely available and for a great price too! You can easily View Our EV6 inventory and submit the form above to get information or schedule a FREE test drive

  • Does the Kia EV6 have a sunroof?
   Again, thanks to the different trim options, the Kia EV6 also has a healthy number of design options. A wide power sunroof is among those options, with this feature coming standard on the GT-Line RWD and e-AWD trims. The EV6 from Kia also features sound-absorbing glass and rear privacy glass, along with some other great exterior designs. If you have any more Kia or EV6 questions, be sure to Contact a Specialist and we'll gladly help you. 

  • Is the Kia EV6 a hybrid?
   Although Kia already offers some great hybrid options like the Sportage Hybrid, Niro, Niro Plug-in Hybrid, Sorento Hybrid, and Sorento Plug-in Hybrid, the EV6 is not one of them. The EV6 is not a hybrid, but a fully electric Kia vehicle. Along with the EV6, Kia also has the fully electric Niro EV available. If you're interested in learning more about Kia Hybrids, Plug-ins, or EVs, simply submit the form above or send us a message to get started.